Virgin Mary
February 14, 2018
The three Lebanese men were ordered to learn verses about her virginity and about the Annunciation
September 14, 2017
The rector of Walsingham Shrine made the announcement while promoting a new novena to Our Lady of Walsingham
September 08, 2017
September 8 used to be a public holiday in England
July 31, 2017
The appeal comes as Venezuela descends further into chaos and violence
July 13, 2017
On 13 July 1917, Our Lady revealed a terrifying vision of hell. We ignore it at our peril
May 22, 2017
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
May 16, 2017
Frank, uncompromising and at times brutally honest, the debate shows an alternative way forward for ecumenical dialogue
May 13, 2017
Francisco and Jacinta Marto are the youngest non-martyrs to be declared saints