US election

Colorado will allow doctors to prescribe lethal substances to the terminally ill

The failure of both political parties presents Church leaders with a unique opportunity to speak for the concerns of Americans

An annual Mass was forced to move to a new location due to the erection of fencing at a section of the border in New Mexico

Poll suggests the Democratic nominee is supported by 51 per cent of Catholics compared to 40 per cent for her Republican rivals

The novena is designed to help Catholic Americans choose who to vote for according to their conscience

Leaked emails show that Clinton’s right-hand man helped create Catholic front groups to inspire ‘revolution’. The fall-out is only just beginning

Pope Francis gave a press conference on his flight from Azerbaijan to Rome

The Democratic vice presidential nominee opposed same-sex marriage until 2005

Hispanic Catholics are solidly behind Hilary Clinton but white members of the faithful are split on whether to support her or her Republican rival

Six states have already legalised same-sex marriage, while 30 states have passed laws prohibiting it