September 25, 2017
Going to university changes your life. How do young Catholics keep the faith?
September 22, 2016
It’s much easier than you think to keep the faith at a secular institution. But there’s one thing you must be prepared to do
March 15, 2016
Notre Dame's recent history shows what happens when a supposedly Catholic university puts academic prestige above its religious ethos
March 18, 2015
The Benedictine institution at Oxford University has acquired a second site, currently run by the Society of the Sacred Heart
March 09, 2015
Benedictus, which aims to open in central London next year, is backed by philosophers Roger Scruton and Anthony O’Hear
November 24, 2014
The motion would bar students from demonstrating outside abortion clinics
September 10, 2014
SPUC not permitted to host a stall at Dundee University freshers event