Ukrainian Catholic Church
June 22, 2021
Lviv, Ukraine, Jun 21, 2021 / 07:00 am An archbishop has said that the Catholic Church in Ukraine is still enjoying a “springtime” despite rising secularization. Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki said that the Church was thriving amid secular currents, economic difficulties, and war in the east of the country. “It is still springtime in our Church
June 01, 2017
'Today, in one moment, we became orphans,' said his successor, Archbishop Shevchuk
July 20, 2015
The archbishop, who led the Ukrainian Church for 40 years, died four months into the Soviet occupation
May 27, 2014
Ukrainian Catholic Church welcomes victory of billionaire confectionary tycoon
April 08, 2014
Bishop Dzyurakh says situation in Crimea remains "tense and dangerous" for Catholic clergy
March 25, 2014
'The new government here is portraying us all as nationalists and extremists,' said Father Milchakovskyi
March 24, 2014
Bishop Gudziak said the EU should show it is 'serious about what it stands for'
March 17, 2014
Pope Francis meets privately with the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church at the Vatican