Paul Nuttall won the leadership contest with 62.6 per cent of the vote

Woolfe had just announced he was running for the leadership of the party

Alarmist ravings about the secession of Scotland and Northern Ireland are bunk; the real casualty is the Brussels tyranny

A ComRes survey also found that women were more pro-life then men on practically every issue considered

Neither socialism nor unfettered capitalism have worked well in post-war Britain. A new consensus, inspired by Catholic social thought, is addressing the malaise

Auxiliary Bishop Patrick Lynch criticises Ukip leader for suggesting immigrants should pay to educate their children

Catholic MEPs Margot Parker and Steven Woolfe will meet with Bishop Lynch on Thursday

‘Aquinas teaches that patriotism is a virtue’, says north-west MEP

Nigel Farage’s ‘insurgent’ party is gaining a following among the faithful – much to the consternation of the bishops of England and Wales

Neither man has the right answer to Britain’s difficulties, but if we look at their support, it can lead us to the right questions