July 01, 2021
First broadcast 60 years ago, Journey of a Lifetime explained Christian concepts to Sunday TV viewers 
May 28, 2021
It was the 1990s. The Catholic twenty-somethings like me who gathered around their TVs every Thursday night to watch Friends were too young to have ever heard of the Legion of Decency, which operated back when a Catholic organization could make or break a Hollywood movie. We wanted something entertaining, a story and characters we
November 08, 2016
Comedy duo Peter Cook and Dudley Moore made the show about Jesus's acquaintances in 1964
October 26, 2016
Paolo Sorrentino hasn't compromised his cinematic vision in his move to the small screen
September 26, 2016
Victoria was by no means a model constitutional monarch, but she remains a fascinating figure in British history
September 09, 2016
L'Osservatore Romano honoured the show on its 50th anniversary
August 11, 2016
The term 'celebrity' might be used loosely in the latest series of Big Brother and its spin-off show
August 05, 2016
A television series starring Jude Law as Pope will premiere this Autumn