January 20, 2015
Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has reiterated Francis's 'spiritual and missionary message'
January 20, 2015
There were a number of memorable and touching moments during the papal visit
January 19, 2015
Kristel Padasas died when scaffolding from stage fell down
January 19, 2015
Papal visit to South Asia comes to an end as the Pope flies home
January 17, 2015
Holy Father is forced to cut short his visit to island of Leyte amid tropical storm
January 16, 2015
The region is still grief-stricken by the typhoon that hit just over a year ago. Only a figure like Pope Francis can bring relief
December 17, 2014
Church officials say Francis has asked that there not be any barriers between himself and the faithful
November 27, 2013
Ordination ceremonies take place amid the ruins of typhoon-ravaged cathedral