Synod 2015

The whole issue has acquired its own sense of urgency even though, on cool reflection, there is not a lot to base this on

This year Francis must make one of the hardest choices any pope has faced for decades. Whatever he decides, there is likely to be great upheaval in the Church

Cardinal Burke tells Mass of Ages quarterly that Catholics should be ‘very concerned’

Group of British priests hails the synod’s ‘brave refusal to accept ideological colonisation’

Vatican secretary of state suggests Pontiff will issue the exhortation ‘soon’

If the whole Church embraced the synod process it would mark the ‘end of judging’, says Bishop of Ghent

Cardinal Nichols says the gathering has helped ‘break open’ the Church’s Eurocentrism

Bishop says for couples in Africa the pain of childlessness is ‘beyond anything I can say’

Cardinal Pell says synod fathers have no power to ‘relativise the objective truths of the Catholic faith’

The full report of Circulus Anglicus ‘C’