December 08, 2016
The number of euthanasia deaths in Switzerland rose by a third last year
October 26, 2016
A Christian nursing home in Switzerland must allow assisted suicide or lose its charitable status
August 12, 2016
Mountain holidays are biblically inspired and have been the refuge of several saints – not least St Pope John Paul II
March 09, 2016
The number of suicides have gone from 416 cases in 2011 to 1,004 last year
November 20, 2015
Service was inspired by Pope Francis's call to go out to the marginalised
November 17, 2015
Pope Francis will be the third pope to visit Rome's synagogue
November 06, 2015
Please support the Dominicans as they approach this milestone in their history
June 04, 2015
The feast day often sees church-goers dress in traditional attire as they process through the streets