St Thérèse of Lisieux
February 10, 2017
History will judge Blessed Paul kindly, for his courage and his deep prayerfulness
January 03, 2017
It was standing-room-only at the Mass to officially open the cause for Rhoda Wise
October 01, 2016
No Georgian Orthodox bishops attend Mass in Georgian capital
September 08, 2016
She did not leave her room for 24 hours when Mother Teresa told her she wanted to be a missionary
September 02, 2016
For long periods Mother Teresa perceived God's seeming absence. But even in her most tortured moments she showed a trust in the will of God
July 27, 2016
Fr Hamel told his parishioners to aim for sanctity, pointing to the example of the Martin family
March 04, 2016
Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, who died in 1906, is likely to be declared a saint this year
February 25, 2016
Mother Angelica, who has received miraculous cures before, has a long history of placing her faith in Baby Jesus