August 30, 2017
A judge discounted the freedom of religion argument posed by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ
September 06, 2016
The Sisters at the Daughters of Divine Charity convent, in Norfolk, run a nursery, a care home and school
March 29, 2016
Mother Angelica could be vociferous in defending Our Lord and she sparred with important men of the cloth
February 23, 2016
Members of the nun's religious order have asked people to pray for her
December 02, 2015
Three nuns and and a lay missionary were abducted and murdered by members of the National Guard
July 28, 2015
The Sisters of Maria Stella Matutina will be based in the parish of St Joseph’s in Grayshott
February 26, 2015
Your parish may have an impressive liturgy, solid teaching and an inspiring outreach to the poor, but still be missing something vital
September 09, 2014
Sisters found dead in their mission residence in capital city Bujumbura