same-sex marriage

Cardinal Coccopalmerio said that in Church teaching, ‘it’s not a natural condition’

Bishops Philip Egan and Mark Davies said an ‘equalities agenda’ could lead to intolerance

The proposal would have ensured same-sex marriage was legal in all states

The Australian Labour party have argued that it would better for politicians to decide the issue in Parliament

George Mason University has renamed the institute after Justice Antonin Scalia, a Catholic

Francis said he supported the protest ‘in favour of family and life’

A play depicts a family campaigner as a zombie whose eyes are poked out. This is about more than one person’s good name

Bishops have a duty to challenge ‘devout Catholics’ whose actions contradict Church teaching

The study said ‘Generation Z’ were more likely than older generations to call themselves ‘conservative’ on marriage and gender

The country’s president is seeking to make changes to the constitution in favour of same-sex marriage