December 29, 2020
Catholic Herald chairman William Cash recently walked the first part of the so-called “Becket Way” from Southwark Cathedral into Kent, a relatively new pilgrimage route from Southwark to Canterbury.
December 17, 2017
The new norms explicitly rule out selling hair strands, hands and teeth, which fetch high prices in online auctions
April 03, 2017
The saint's first response to Christ's invitation was to try and wriggle out of it
March 14, 2017
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
March 02, 2017
A new collection claims many old saints are 'distinctly unhelpful' and offers some alternatives. I'm unpersuaded
February 20, 2017
Pope Francis visited the parish of St Mary Josefa on the edge of the Diocese of Rome
December 15, 2016
A new book about saints with disabilities is a reminder that everyone has a vocation
November 16, 2016
Today is the feast day of the actual Blessed Lucy of Narnia. It really, really is