Right To Life

The woman wrote that she leapt out of the clinic’s window and ‘cleared three fences’ after offer of support from pro-lifer

The Bill seeks to remove criminal sanctions on abortion up to 24 weeks, and introduce new regulations

‘This “medical-assistance in dying” is a threat to the foundations of our society,’ Bishop Noel Simard said

In two centres, clinicians were signing between 30 and 60 permission forms at a time

The plea from Ireland’s four archbishops comes ahead of Friday’s general election

The ‘We Trust Women’ campaign was launched yesterday

Madeleine Teahan interviews Peter D Williams of Right to Life UK

Ann Widdecombe, Eve Farren and Peter D Williams on how to end the abortion impasse

The Requiem Mass for Phyllis Bowman yesterday paid tribute to a courageous and loving woman

In her last major interview, published on March 2, veteran campaigner Phyllis Bowman talked to Madeleine Teahan about her 45-year ‘battle for the baby’