Richard III

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The vestment, worn by Cardinal Nichols at the Requiem Mass last week, will be displayed at Ushaw College

Richard III’s (alleged) killing of his nephews broke the ultimate taboo

Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrated a Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the former king in Leicester today

Cardinal gives homily during historic ceremony in Leicester on Sunday

The king was no usurper and had no motive for killing the ‘princes in the tower’

It is odd that Richard III merits star treatment but Britain’s obsession with its history does have its benefits

Richard almost certainly murdered his nephews. Why does he attract such a fan club?

A Requiem Mass in the traditional Latin form will be offered at a Lancashire church on the same day the king’s remains are reinterred in Leicester

Petition is organised by historians whose efforts led to the discovery of the king’s remains