October 06, 2015
Cardinal André Vingt-Trois says observers expecting shift in Church teaching 'are going to be disappointed'
September 23, 2015
The Archbishop of Westminster will attend October's synod with Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton
August 05, 2015
Pope Francis said today that divorced and remarried Catholics were still part of the Church
July 01, 2015
In the third of a four-part look ahead to October's synod, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith says upholding marriage relies on teaching people about its realities
May 27, 2015
Publication is expected 'in a few weeks', according to statement released by the Vatican
May 11, 2015
In March 500 priests in Britain signed a letter urging those attending this year’s family synod to issue a 'firm proclamation' upholding Church teaching
May 11, 2015
The cardinal was speaking at the Voice of the Family conference in Rome on Saturday
April 14, 2015
A cardinal has suggested that someone could be admitted to Communion after remarrying, if they were to avow that their first marriage was null - but marriage is a public act, not a private one