October 20, 2020
As Chileans prepare to vote on the future of their constitution on Sunday, protests in Santiago descend into chaos
January 25, 2017
Stuart Reid joins 'jolly middle-class women' on the Trump demo
December 05, 2016
The demonstration followed protests by hardline Muslims against the city's minority Christian governor
November 22, 2016
The Islamic Defenders Front is demanding the arrest of Jakarta's Christian governor
November 16, 2016
At least 10 dioceses have called for the president's resignation
November 07, 2016
500 religious leaders formed a prayer circle at the protest site in North Dakota
September 15, 2016
The country's president is seeking to make changes to the constitution in favour of same-sex marriage
July 19, 2016
Religious groups gathered in Parliament Square last night to protest against the renewal of Britain's nuclear arms programme