Protect the Pope

Protect the Pope was always feisty, either in defence of the Church against secularist attack, or against enemies of Catholic truth and discipline within the Church

Deacon ‘sad and disappointed’ at Lancaster decision

Fr Tim Finigan says Church leaders should not be using ‘personal standing to squash disagreement’ after blog controversy

It’s also saying that brain-damaged and demented people just cost too much: what’s happened to medical ethics?

Our bishops should make it clearer that they are not trying to disassociate themselves from the Magisterium

Me? I am still struggling – what on earth is Facebook?

But the campaign to defend them will, I hope, endure long after the visit is over

The priority is to start the fightback over child abuse

The Protect the Pope website seems to present Catholics as a ‘victim group’. But let’s keep our dignity, and not whine about our rights

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