January 15, 2021
The extract appearing here is from George Cardinal Pell's Prison Journal, Volume 1: The Cardinal Makes His Appeal. George Weigel introduced the work to readers of the Catholic Herald in a short essay, which appeared on our website earlier this week. Both the extract and Weigel's essay are featured in the January / February issue of the Catholic Herald.
August 15, 2017
Inmates with no religion are the largest group, however
April 13, 2017
'This isn't a folkloric ceremony,' Francis tells inmates
February 22, 2017
Most of the inmates who died had never been convicted of a crime
January 10, 2017
Almost 100 inmates have died in Brazil since the turn of the year
January 04, 2017
At his general audience, the Pope prayed for prisoners killed in recent riots in Brazil
November 16, 2016
The prisoners were selected according to the nature of their crimes and their behaviour while in prison
November 07, 2016
Francis urged the inmates to never give up hope in God's mercy