priestly celibacy

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The synod will instead focus on ‘Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment’

The debate on married priests is damaged by myth-making. History shows that married men, if ordained, had to live continently

Those who want to overturn the ancient discipline are energetic, well organised and influential. But can they persuade Pope Francis to make such a radical change?

Parliamentarians believe a change in rules would lead to growth of the priesthood

Scotland’s cardinal tells the BBC that clerical celibacy could, in principle, be re-considered

His trip to Germany this week is his first foray as Pope outside Germany’s Catholic strongholds

More than 140 Austrian, German and Swiss professors also urged the Church to ordain women

In 1970 Fr Joseph Ratzinger signed a petition that suggested the Church re-examine the obligation of priestly celibacy, according to a German newspapaer

Despite the furore over condoms, Light of the World, the book-length interview with Pope Benedict, is about a whole lot more than sex.