The head of the country’s bishops’ conference has called for the country to be ‘rebuilt through harmony’

Rival demonstrations have taken place at Planned Parenthood centres across America

Gorsuch, an Episcopalian, sided with the Little Sisters of the Poor in their challenge of the contraceptive mandate

The memorandum suspends the entire US refugee resettlement programme for 120 days

‘We were prepared for confrontation and instead were supported by so many women,’ Texas pro-life group said after the march

The policy also prohibits taxpayer funding for groups that lobby to legalise abortion or promote it as a family planning method

The Pope made the comments in an interview with a Spanish newspaper

The Democratic vice presidential nominee opposed same-sex marriage until 2005

I’m glad I don’t have a vote in the American election. If I did, I’m pretty sure I would abstain

The libertarian politician is also a critic of ‘big government’ which withers away of the role of the individual