Pope St John Paul II

The philosopher, a former member of St John Paul II’s pro-life academy, said that accepting Fr Chiodi’s remarks would be a ‘betrayal’

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Some of the Pope’s most influential associates back married priests – as well as women priests

Officials and friends said that as the Holy Father he should carry on his mission until the end, his secretary has recalled

I and other participants were fascinated by the profundity of John Paul’s teaching

Protestant and Orthodox Christians may well ask what this says about the institution of the papacy

As a husband and father of two, my highest ambition is to have no grandchildren

Robert Spaemann, a friend of Benedict XVI, said the cardinals had chosen the right course and wishes more would join them

His radiant personality and his detachment from the world have inspired many Catholics

Catholics are divided over how far Francis wants to change Church teaching regarding the remarried. But does he even have the authority to do so?