May 03, 2017
The Church owes a significant debt to the order
February 13, 2017
Vatican says Bishop Henryk Hoser will not be deciding on the merits of reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary
August 24, 2016
The magnitude six earthquake which struck in the early hours of Wednesday has left many dead
August 22, 2016
The pair spent five days in the open and drank from ditches and animal troughs when their food and water ran out
July 29, 2016
Are young people from the West ready to fully embrace the dangers and delights of Catholicism?
July 25, 2016
World Youth Day 2016 is taking place in Krakow this week and the Pope is taking part in a number of events
July 25, 2016
World Youth Day celebrations begin in Poland on Wednesday
February 16, 2016
A huge donation revealed last week will allow the shrine to go from strength to strength