persecuted Christians
November 24, 2016
Buildings across the country were lit up to mark 'Red Wednesday'
November 15, 2016
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
September 01, 2016
Working at her side as the West prepared for war with Saddam Hussein, I saw her dread as she glimpsed the future of Middle Eastern Christianity
April 01, 2016
In exchange of messages Pakistan archbishop offers thanks for prayers, saying: 'We feel we are not alone'
March 31, 2016
Archbishop Sebastian Shaw of Lahore says he went from bed to bed listening to accounts of the attack
March 11, 2016
Open Doors International says the scale of abuse faced by Christian refugees in Germany has been 'covered up'
March 10, 2016
Document calls on the US State Department to recognise the genocide
March 07, 2016
The Pope says he hopes the slaughter of the Mother Teresa Sisters will 'awaken consciences'