persecuted Christians
July 06, 2021
“It is clear to us that this is part of a plan to stop children from being educated,” said Christian bishop Iftikhar Indryas. “We Christians are being treated like sewage.”
February 25, 2021
Bishops have spoken out about the failure to release the report from the presidential inquiry into the Easter Sunday attacks, which killed more than 260 people and injured more than 500.
February 16, 2021
Sokoto, Nigeria, Feb 15, 2021 / 07:19 pm MT (CNA).- One year after the burial of Michael Nnadi, an 18-year-old Nigerian seminarian abducted and killed by gunmen, the local bishop has indicated his sorrow at the lack of progress in preventing abductions and murders. “It is quite tragic that one year later, we are still
February 16, 2021
In a video message for the “Day of Contemporary Martyrs” Feb. 15, the pope said, “I hold in my heart that baptism of blood, those twenty-one men baptized as Christians with water and the Spirit.”
December 07, 2020
Pope Francis has long desired to visit the sorely tried and suffering nation of Iraq.
June 29, 2018
Addressing the international community, Bishop Avenya said: 'Don’t wait for the genocide to happen before intervening'
February 09, 2018
The Colosseum will be illuminated at the same time as prominent churches in Syria and Iraq
November 16, 2017
The Parliament building will be lit up along with at least 10 cathedrals for #RedWednesday