January 30, 2015
A 12-hour gun fight between Islamic rebels and government troops took place earlier this week
January 05, 2015
Pope Francis used his Sunday Angelus address to continue the reflection he began on New Year's Day
December 22, 2014
Non-believers aren't as different to Christians as they think they are, says Jennifer Fulwiler
October 31, 2014
Vatican's UN nuncio makes comments in statement to Security Council
October 15, 2014
'Responsibility to protect' must be part of 'rule of law,' says nuncio
October 10, 2014
Norwegian committee gives award to two activists from India and Pakistan
September 04, 2014
Former Israeli President asks Pope to head United Religions organisation
October 27, 2010
Pope Benedict XVI closes Middle East Synod by urging bishops never to resign themselves 'to the absence of peace'