The Holy See has announced that its ‘comprehensive agreement’ with the ‘State of Palestine’ has now been put into effect

Bishops also thanked God for release of Fr Jack Murad by ISIS earlier this month

Francis says courage must be shown to end rising violence between Palestinians and Israelis

Four Israelis were recently killed in Jerusalem in an apparent act of revenge for the killing of a Palestinian woman at a checkpoint

The Vatican flag will be raised at UN headquarters in New York City on Friday

A separation barrier was put up in the Cremisan Valley in August

The Benedictine Church of the Multiplication in Tabgha was damaged in an arson attack in June

Archbishop Gallagher makes call for two-state solution ‘as soon as possible’

Church of the Multiplication suffered arson attack last week

Francis urged the Palestinian president to be ‘an angel of peace’ – he didn’t tell him he was one