organ donation

Under government plans, people’s organs could be taken from them unless they specifically opt out

‘Opt-out’ organ donation undermines the principles of a free society

Authorities would automatically assume people are organ donors under the new system

Vatican accused of helping to ‘whitewash’ China’s record on organ harvesting

Bishop Mar Jacob Muricken donates one of his kidneys to save the life of a poor Hindu man

Such a procedure, outlined in the Journal of Medical Ethics, would allow medics to remove a patient’s heart before they died

Fr Whyte says ‘miracle’ donation was proposed ‘like it was a doughnut’

There is much about brain function that is not yet understood and it appears that the medical definition of ‘brain death’ is not infallible

Under presumed consent I am not confident the state would feel a duty to treat a corpse with reverence after death or use it solely to help others live

Church leaders in Wales have criticised government plans to introduce presumed consent for organ donation.