November 28, 2016
Attorney representing Little Sisters of the Poor is 'optimistic' some or all of the Affordable Care Act will be repealed
October 26, 2016
The Reformation may have caused women's religious roles to be set back centuries
October 20, 2016
Our nuns taught us that strong, well-organised women can run things without being bossed about by men
September 06, 2016
The Sisters at the Daughters of Divine Charity convent, in Norfolk, run a nursery, a care home and school
August 30, 2016
The nuns' order has said it opposes the death penalty and said the sisters' murders do 'not demand revenge'
August 30, 2016
A man has been charged with two counts of capital murder in the killing of Sister Margaret Held and Sister Paula Merrill
August 26, 2016
The bodies of two nuns who served their community 'faithfully for many years' have been found at their home in Mississippi
August 03, 2016
Catholic women used to wield colossal power. The Pope's commission alone can't bring back those days