The Pope offered prayers for Sister Isabel Sola Matas during the canonisation Mass for Mother Teresa

The deputy mayor of Nice said that both habits and burkinis were banned on local beaches in an interview yesterday on Radio 4

Holy Spirit Missionary Sister Veronika Theresia Rackova was killed while driving an ambulance

Holy Spirit Missionary Sister Veronika Terezia Rackova was shot while driving an ambulance

Sister Clare Theresa Crockett, a 33-year-old missionary, was teaching guitar to children when the earthquake struck

At a conference on environmental issues, Sister Aloha Vergara urged Catholics to ‘be like Leonardo DiCaprio’

Sister Annie Demerjian has described the killing of members of a Christian family after shells hit their home

Sister Helen Prejean has met with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev five times since March

The attack took place after a group of masked men broke into the Jesus and Mary Congregation convent on Friday night

CCTV footage shows the attackers breaking into the convent on Saturday morning