Northern Ireland

The party has yet to clarify whether it would implement the change during a period of direct rule, or whether it would impose it on a sitting Northern Ireland Assembly

McGuinness may have moved on from violence, but many victims of the IRA believe he never showed genuine remorse

The archbishop’s comments come after a snap election was announced in Northern Ireland

The Bishop of Paisley called the First Minister’s intervention ‘very disappointing’

A survey has suggested that two-thirds of the public believe businesses have a right to decline orders which conflict with their religious beliefs

The retired Bishop of Derry, who became a hero after administering last rites to victims on the streets and waving a blood-stained handkerchief, has died at the age of 82

Six Catholics were shot at the Loughinisland pub while watching a World Cup match in 1994

The trip would likely include the first ever papal visit to Northern Ireland

Elections to Northern Ireland’s power-sharing assembly take place on Thursday

The bishops have released a pastoral document ahead of next week’s elections