Nazi Germany

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

The memoirs of Goebbels’ secretary show a woman who just got on with the job without questioning

‘It is very exhausting as well as dangerous to live under the strain of a deliberate compromise with evil’

The Pope Emeritus reportedly admitted to the diary in a book-length interview to be published in September

In England ‘we are free to proclaim the sanctity of human life as much as we like’

Bishops deferred to authority and priests and seminarians mainly followed suit. The lesson? That we must always speak out when our conscience is challenged

Both Sophie and her fellow German Joseph Ratzinger were inspired by Newman’s writings on conscience

None of the interviewees on BBC2’s Hitler’s Children mentioned religious belief at all

In 1941 a young priest was condemned to death by the Soviets. He was to become one of the Church’s great leaders

Pope Benedict issues his message for World Youth Day 2011