Fr Joaquin Hernandez Sifuentes ‘looked for perfection in everything he did’, his diocese said

In a telegram to President Vladimir Putin, the Pope assured Russian people of his prayers and spiritual solidarity

Colombian Archbishop Mejia was celebrating the Mass where the fatal shooting occurred

Fr Jose Luis Sanchez Ruiz was the third priest abducted in Veracruz since September – the other two were killed

The bodies of Fr Alejo Nabor Jimenez and Fr Alfredo Suarez de la Cruz were found by a roadside outside the city of Poza Rica last month

The Supreme Court cases address ‘the brokenness of the judicial system’, say Catholic campaigners

The chief prosecutor for Michoacan said Fr Jose Alfredo Lopez Guillen was killed after meeting with the men at his residence

State prosecutors have suggested the men were involved in questionable behaviour shortly before their deaths

Fr Jose Alfredo Lopez Guillen is thought to be the 31st priest killed in the country since 2006