April 21, 2015
Cardinal Marx says migrant deaths represent a 'defeat for everything that makes the European Union a community of values'
April 17, 2015
Police in Sicily say 12 Christians are feared dead after altercation occurred during crossing from Libya
April 17, 2015
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
February 13, 2015
Pope Francis is right: the Mediterranean is becoming 'a vast graveyard'
November 26, 2014
It's been said that Francis represents a rupture with the past, but that is not the case here
November 26, 2014
Leader of Eurosceptic party Ukip says Francis's address to European Parliament marks major shift
November 25, 2014
The Mass was celebrated by bishops on both sides of the border fence
October 31, 2014
Criticism continues for move by European nations to scale down search and rescue