Middle East

Some bishops and clergy in the region profess poverty but live like rich people, the Pope said

The Pope said the international community ‘cannot remain mute’ in the face of persecution

Catholic and Orthodox patriarchs said only the ‘Rock of Peter’ could help

Francis urges priests and bishops to maintain ‘evangelical closeness’ to their flocks

The consecration by Cardinal Rai will take place at Fatima on Sunday

The Church owes a significant debt to the order

The prisoners are seeking an improvement in their prison conditions and an end to administrative detention

Easter messages condemned the continued violence but ‘we invite everyone to hope’ said Patriarch Gregoire III Laham

The French government and the charities have signed an accord calling for ‘an alternative to the death voyages in the Mediterranean’

Archbishop Nassar described Syria as ‘a huge disaster zone’ of ‘ghost neighbourhoods and towns destroyed to the ground’