Mexico City

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The country’s president is seeking to make changes to the constitution in favour of same-sex marriage

The case of a woman who requested an abortion in 2013 has prompted scrutiny of the country’s law on abortion

If it is approved, Mexico would become the fifth country in Latin America to make same-sex marriage legal

The archdiocesan publication asked whether the Pope had been properly briefed on Mexican matters prior to his visit

Drugs trafficker Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman escaped from a maximum-security prison on Saturday

Francis expresses solidarity with the victims of the explosion that left three dead 70 injured

Mexican bishops’ conference issue statement of solidarity with the families of 43 missing students

Archdiocese of Mexico City calls for a ‘reconstruction of the country’ in response to the disappearance of 43 trainee teachers

Mass attendance falls and cardinal stays away as teachers take over central square