In a homily the Pope says priests who struggle to be merciful should avoid hearing Confessions

Cardinal Nichols provides a wonderful antidote to the legalism that sees morality as a set of rules

Sixth Sunday of Easter, Acts 10:25-26, 33-35 & 44-48; 1 jn 4:7-10; jn 15:9-17

Fr Ray Blake hopes to open ‘place of outreach’ in a shop in a Brighton high street

Archbishop Fisichella unveils official prayer, logo, and calendar of events for

A new book shows that merciful priests who don’t water down the truth are vital for the Church

The logo and prayer focus on the theme chosen by Pope Francis from the Gospel of Matthew

Now it is too late: the law has taken its course and the law, once it gets going, is difficult to stop

The victim of his crime, Samantha Geimer, wants the case dropped. To bang him up would be cruel and vengeful