January 06, 2018
When I investigated the story of the Three Wise Men, I found something more profound than the popular legend
January 05, 2018
A new book examines the historical evidence
December 15, 2017
Before God all worldly power is as nothing
January 09, 2017
I'm ready to embrace the small and symbolic traditions that I once thought of as archaic
January 06, 2017
On the feast of the Epiphany Francis said the Wise Men were 'guided by an inner restlessness'
January 06, 2016
The spectacle of Three Kings offering their treasures is a crucial example of how we can live faithfully
January 06, 2014
Pope celebrates Mass in St Peter's Basilica on feast of the Epiphany
January 06, 2012
The Magi took two years to come from "the east", far too long to be Babylonia or Persia, opening up the intriguing possibility that Christianity might not be alien to China