London Oratory

The London Oratory’s Forty Hours’ Devotion is a must for Catholics growing tired of Lent

The procession took place the day after the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun

Frank, uncompromising and at times brutally honest, the debate shows an alternative way forward for ecumenical dialogue

David McFadden is moving to Aquinas College in Perth, Australia, after 34 years at the school

The number of Oratorian communities has doubled in England in just three years

I used to be too snooty to appreciate an ‘ordinary’ Mass. Now lay ministers, altar girls, even an exuberant sign of peace – they don’t bother me in the least

We must remember that God has created us for ‘some definite service’

The beauty of the old rite of baptism is that it faces the reality of evil head-on

The Trojan Horse scandal only emphasised how neither side of the debate is telling the whole truth

Seven years ago Benedict XVI’s motu proprio liberated the traditional Latin Mass from all restrictions