Liverpool Care Pathway

Catholic Medical Association says draft guidance ‘unquestionably replicates’ key failing of Liverpool Care Pathway

Professor Patrick Pullicino has criticised new guidelines on end-of-life care

Professor Patrick Pullicino has said that practices proposed by a new report might endanger the safety of patients

There are increasing concerns about the way the system is working

Bishop Egan expressed concerns about the Liverpool Care Pathway in December

Author of the bishops’ report says LCP is not ‘inherently unethical’ but has been ‘badly implemented’

Bishop says he is ‘delighted’ that cash incentives for NHS Trusts taking up the LCP now seem likely to be abolished

Lord Carlile says doctors who put patients on the end-of-life pathway without their consent should be struck off

We must not dreary pessimism drive us towards acceptance of suicide

Now the Liverpool Care Pathway, it seems, is being applied to babies with severe long-term disabilities