August 02, 2016
The Italian bishops' conference advised all pilgrims who visited or attended events at its Casa Italia centre to see a doctor
July 13, 2016
In a telegram, Francis entrusted the protection of the 23 people killed in the crash in the south of Italy to the Virgin Mary
July 06, 2016
Francis expressed 'feelings of deepest sympathy and compassion' to Beau Solomon's parents
June 20, 2016
Virginia Raggi, a member of the protest Five Star Movement, has been elected mayor of Italy's capital
May 19, 2016
Cardinal Bagnasco said same-sex unions had been put on a par with marriage and the difference was one of vocabulary
May 17, 2016
Pope Francis opened the Italian bishops' conference annual assembly in the Vatican
May 16, 2016
Fr Laurence Soper was arrested in 2010 but disappeared after failing to answer bail
May 12, 2016
Archbishop Forte said the family was at risk of being taken over by a 'new vision for society'