September 19, 2016
The trip to the babies' ward of Rome's San Giovanni Hospital was part of the Pope's Mercy Fridays activities
August 30, 2016
A state funeral will be held in one of the areas worst hit by the Italian earthquake after residents rebelled against the Government's original plans
August 25, 2016
A priest and nun were among those who survived Wednesday's earthquake against the odds
August 24, 2016
The magnitude six earthquake which struck in the early hours of Wednesday has left many dead
August 24, 2016
An Amatrice parish priest described the earthquake as an 'immense tragedy'
August 19, 2016
A Muslim man in Italy has called for legalised polygamy following same-sex marriage. There are plenty of reasons to resist
August 18, 2016
Leader of Muslim group says there is 'no reason' for polygamy not to be permitted now that same-sex unions have been legalised
August 10, 2016
Pope Francis surprised nuns with the spontaneous visit to two convents north of Rome