A Canadian historian presents new evidence that Archbishop Filippo Bernardini may have played a key role in helping end the Final Solution

Gino Bartali won the Tour de France twice and defied Mussolini. He also helped a cardinal to save Jewish lives in the 1940s

Bl Karl Leisner was ordained in secret by Bishop Gabriel Piguet of Clermont-Ferrand, a fellow prisoner

2,579 priests, monks and seminarians from Germany and Occupied Europe were imprisoned at the camp

Personal stories are always worth recording, especially when they relate to a true historical event of almost unimaginable horror

The Holy See under Pius XII helped Jews travel to safety through its diplomatic network

For 50 years, the truth about Pius XII’s battle against Nazism has been suppressed. But new evidence makes his heroism undeniable

Sister Agnes Walsh’s heroism has long been overlooked – her own family learned the full story only last year

Major historians such as Sir Martin Gilbert have demolished the myths first perpetrated by the Soviet Union

The BBC conceded it was false to describe the Church as being ‘silent’ in the face of Nazism