April 27, 2016
Cardinal Jaime Ortega was named Archbishop of Havana in 1981 and oversaw three papal trips to Communist Cuba
March 21, 2016
Cardinal Ortega, along with Pope Francis, played a part in the 'Cuban Thaw' of diplomatic relations with the US
March 21, 2016
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
February 13, 2016
'I felt an interior joy that truly came from the Lord,' the Pope tells reporters
February 12, 2016
'Catholics and Orthodox are called to work together fraternally in proclaiming the Good News of salvation'
February 12, 2016
Patriarch Kirill is overheard telling the Pope: 'Things are easier now'
February 12, 2016
First meeting of a pope and Russian patriarch takes place in Havana
September 21, 2015
Pope Francis delivered an off-the-cuff homily in Havana's cathedral on Sunday