Graham Greene
January 04, 2017
The film handles questions of sin, doctrine and mercy which are at the heart of today's controversies
February 12, 2016
Pope Francis surely cannot fail to mention the 43 students who are still missing
October 19, 2015
Catholic critic Edward Short's Adventures in the Books Pages features perceptive comment on the likes of Graham Greene, Leonardo da Vinci and GK Chesterton
June 04, 2015
The Irish Catholicism that used to define so many English cities now seems as remote as Newman and Manning
February 11, 2014
Fashions have changed meaning literature and the Church are no longer comfortable bedfellows
May 22, 2013
As the sacrifice of the Mexican martyrs shows, anti-Catholicism will always rebound on itself
January 14, 2013
The growing acceptance of euthanasia represents the triumph of atheism over European society
October 05, 2012
How NGOs are as complicit as the Kleptocrats