March 29, 2016
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
August 27, 2015
Canon O'Sullivan's funeral will be held in the church in honour of his ecumenical work
August 24, 2015
Canon Law makes it clear that funerals should be refused to 'manifest sinners to whom a Church funeral could not be granted without public scandal to the faithful'
August 24, 2015
Fr Giancarlo Manieri, who celebrated the requiem mass for Vittorio Casamonica, said he was unaware of what was going to happen outside his church
May 07, 2015
Bishop says ceremony was intended to comfort grieving owners of chihuahua
March 30, 2015
The vestment, worn by Cardinal Nichols at the Requiem Mass last week, will be displayed at Ushaw College
January 27, 2015
Historians will argue about his mistakes, but everyone who filed past Churchill's coffin was certain they were mourning the passing of a great man
August 14, 2013
Bishop of Meath, Ireland, clarifies that eulogies should never be part of a funeral Mass