free speech
January 08, 2018
Bishop John Keenan of Paisley welcomed proposals to punish universities that clamp down on free speech
December 18, 2017
The new chief inspector is as sensible as anyone in Whitehall. But a crackdown on faith schools may be coming
August 04, 2017
On abortion, gender, marriage and sex education, the Tories sound ever more authoritarian
February 15, 2016
Peter Tatchell is right, free speech is one of the most precious human rights and must be defended at all costs
January 05, 2016
Pastor James McConnell described Islam as 'heathen' and 'Satanic' in a sermon
January 22, 2015
There may be the freedom to insult religious belief in a secular state, but holding it as a jewel in the crown of democracy is wrong
January 15, 2015
Or should we feel free to mock religions as we wish?
November 24, 2014
The motion would bar students from demonstrating outside abortion clinics