Fr Raniero Cantalamessa

News of abuses and scandals, including among members of the clergy, remind us of this bitter reality, he added

The Cross is ‘the irreversible ‘yes’ to love, truth and goodness’, says Fr Cantalamessa

‘No matter how far the hate of human beings can go, the love of God always has been, and will be, greater,’ says papal preacher

Fr Raniero Cantalamessa at the Alpha Course’s Leadership Conference in London

‘True martyrs of Christ do not die with fists clenched but with their hands together in prayer,’ Fr Cantalamessa says

Pope Francis presides at Liturgy of the Lord’s Passion in St Peter’s Basilica

During the liturgy he lay prostrate before the altar of St Peter’s Basilica

Pope leads Good Friday ceremony in St Peter’s Basilica

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