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Extraordinary synod
February 28, 2014
Cardinal Kasper said Holy Communion could be a 'lifeboat' for those shipwrecked by sin
February 26, 2014
Cardinals Nichols and Napier speak after meetings with Pope Francis in Rome
February 25, 2014
Pontiff calls for prayers ahead of meeting of bishops in October
February 20, 2014
Japanese Catholics make up less than one percent of the country's population
February 19, 2014
Archbishop Nichols has said that the Church has much more work to do in order to prepare couples for marriage
February 13, 2014
Vatican ordered worldwide survey on ‘Pastoral Challenges in the Family’ ahead of synod
February 04, 2014
Details of questionnaire responses from Catholics in England and Wales will remain confidential
November 22, 2013
One diocese's survey draws 1,600 responses even though it is only available on request