Extraordinary synod
June 30, 2015
In the second of a four-part look ahead to October's synod, Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith says it is vital to stay faithful to Scripture in its entirety, not just the bits we like
December 10, 2014
Pope Francis spoke about the extraordinary synod during his general audience this morning
October 08, 2014
Cardinal Erdő says immediate acceptance of teaching on artificial birth control is unrealistic
October 07, 2014
'Fundamental truth that marriage is a divine gift from God must be shared', say US couple
October 06, 2014
Priests and bishops need to help couples understand the married vocation
October 06, 2014
Pope Francis addresses the first session of the family synod
October 06, 2014
Pope Francis delivered homily during Mass at St Peter's on Sunday
October 03, 2014
The hard issues have been analysed inside and out, but is the Church in England and Wales ready for what comes next?